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About Me


Voyeur of Horror

Hello fans of the grotesque and the horrid, I'm Valentina, a devoted cinephile and of its analysis.


You might wonder about the name "Papaya Horror." It stems from my love for horror films and the 70s erotic movie "Papaya of the Caribbean." I found the combination to be both exotic and enigmatic, reflecting my personality and cinematic perspective.


While I appreciate all forms of cinema, I have a special fondness for movies that leave you feeling unsettled, those that trigger an existential crisis and provoke self-reflection for days, months, or even years.


With a background in video making, I tend to look at films with a technical approach yet, driven by passion, and perhaps a touch of personal neurosis, I love to explore films from a psycho-analytical and social perspective.


I created this space to freely express my thoughts and share them with fellow enthusiasts who crave a deep dive into the world of horror and its mind-bending intricacies.

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